Mobile Content

When in 2005 the rush for every company to be on mobile started in Europe, Creative Communications was pioneering user friendly, highly optimised content for handheld devices. Since 2009 Creative Communications has in addition focused on mass market content for Africa, helping to reach even remote groups by serving content for feature phones.

Some of Creative Communications' mobi projects:


Live Mag mobi site




Creative Communications

Creative Communications PlugSurfing

AWEH!ZA quizmob

Sean Kingston

Jax Panic

Simon Says


Creative Communications Sean Kingston Splash Creative Communications Jax Panik splash

Creative Communications Simon Says



The Sun micro site

The Sun mobi application

NOTW mobi application


Copywriting The Sun microsite The Sun Mobile The News Of The World Mobile  

Disney Mobile

Discovery mobi portal



Mobile content for Disney Mobile content for Discovery Channel    

Red Bull Bulletin

Red Bull - Events

Red Bull - Hero

Red Bull - Gallery

News content for Red Bulletin Events content for Red Bulletin Hero Blog content for Red Bulletin Picture Gallery content for Red Bulletin

Orange - Watch This

Orange - Gadgets

Orange - Odd


Movie content for Orange World Gadget content for Orange World Odd content for Orange World  

The Voice - Music

The Voice - Lifestyle

The Voice - Celebs

The Voice - Concerts

Music content for The Voice Lifestyle content for The Voice Celebrity content for The Voice Concert content for The Voice

Squeeze - Info

Squeeze - Info

Squeeze - Gallery

Squeeze - Travel

Info content for Squeeze Info content for Squeeze Picture Gallery content for Squeeze Travel content for Squeeze